Access a shared / delegated mailbox

Shared and Delegated mailboxes can be of tremendous use to an organisation, so knowing how to accessing them is pretty important.

What are they?

Shared Mailboxes

Shared mailboxes are commonly used when a staff member leaves and someone else in the organisation needs access to their existing mail, but wants to keep the other mailbox separate.

They can also be used when multiple staff members want to access a single mailbox.

Shared mailboxes don’t have their own “identity”, so when staff send from a shared mailbox the sender is shown as themselves.

Mailboxes Delegation

Mailbox Delegation is used when one or more staff members want to get email from a single account, and send as that account. Things like order emails or support emails are commonly-used examples.

How to access them?

Via webmail

  • Login via
  • Select you name on the top right > Open another mailbox
  • Enter the email address of the other person

Using Outlook for Windows

If you’re on a PC then close and re-open Outlook, and the account will appear.

Using Outlook for Mac

  • Go to the Outlook menu > Preferences > Accounts
  • Select your account
  • Click on Delegation and Sharing
  • Click on Shared With Me
  • Click on the + button (bottom left)
  • Enter the email address of the person who’s mailbox you have access to, then Add
  • Done

Using Apple Mail for Mac

  • A shared mailbox can only be added to Mail for Mac as a normal Exchange account
    • The password will need to be known or reset
  • If this cannot be done or will be complex as it’s for an employee who will return, then
    • Use Outlook for Mac (see procedure above)
    • Use Webmail (see procedure above)