Save money with Business Phones hosted in the cloud

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For over 100 years, telephones have been the #1 way for clients to connect with you.

Cut your phone bill by 40-60% while expanding your reach.

Our experience will save you time, money, and headaches.

The iHelp IT Advantage


Make a professional impression every time with auto-attendants, and use queues to never miss a call.

Allow staff to work from home, get voicemail via email, and record calls for quality assurance.


Use queues advertising your current special offers to keep callers engaged while you help customers in store.

Use attendants to direct callers to the right department, and add handsets to new outlets as you grow.


Look bigger with a landline number instead of your mobile, and use an auto-attendant to answer calls.

Transfer accounts calls directly to your bookkeeper, and automatically redirect emergency calls out of hours.


Localise your global workforce by using local phone numbers. Listen in live to calls in progress to assist and train staff remotely.

Set different hours per location, and conference with your entire team.

Our Expertise

Cut Costs

Minimal up-front costs and large ongoing savings on call rates via a range of carriers to suit your business.

Most businesses save 40-50%, some up to 70%, on their office phone costs. Contact us before signing with Telstra.

Work Anywhere

Your Cloud PBX works anywhere there’s an internet connection, including NBN. Just plug in your handsets and you’re ready to go.

Voicemails can be delivered directly to your email account, and calls can be transferred directly to your mobile.

Connect Everyone

Whether you have one office, 20 stores across the nation, or a fleet of at-home staff, everyone is connected to one system.

Centralise your staff as though they were in one place, and use a conference facility for regular staff meetings.


A Cloud PBX works even if your office internet connection goes offline or your entire office experiences a blackout, with calls redirected to voicemail or a mobile phone.

There’s no PBX hardware to fail, or maintain, and no redundant hardware to scrap.


Your Cloud PBX is expertly maintained and tailored to suit your business. Implement IVRs, queues, and overflow management exactly how you like it.

Works within your business hours. Relocate your office with zero downtime, and employ overseas staff with confidence.

Grows With You

Add extensions as your team grows, and overseas numbers as your business expands. Extend hours of operation as you need, with different regions working to their own time.

Record calls to for quality assurance and to train staff, and listen in if they need help.

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