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  • Add your Exchange account

    Add your Exchange account

    We’re often asked how to add an Exchange email account to Outlook (Windows and Mac), Mail (Mac), iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Our step-by-step guide to adding your Exchange email account to various devices and apps will help you.

  • Reset search on a Mac

    Reset search on a Mac

    Search on Macs, for pretty much everything, from the Finder to Mail, to the contents of documents and even photos, is connected to the broader Mac search; both use Spotlight. If Spotlight has become corrupted then you can rebuild it’s search engine, as such: Open System Preferences > Spotlight Click on the Privacy tab Click […]

  • Activate MFA for MS Office

    Activate MFA for MS Office

    Multi-factor authentication (MFA) helps to secure your Microsoft account by using an authentication method in addition to your password, to prevent hackers trying to access your account. iHelp IT clients enjoy a simplified and more secure way to setup Microsoft’s MFA, by allowing authentication only via app authentication, as it’s more secure and reliable than […]

  • Access a shared / delegated mailbox

    Access a shared / delegated mailbox

    Shared and Delegated mailboxes can be of tremendous use to an organisation, so knowing how to accessing them is pretty important. What are they? Shared Mailboxes Shared mailboxes are commonly used when a staff member leaves and someone else in the organisation needs access to their existing mail, but wants to keep the other mailbox […]

  • Troubleshooting slow internet

    Troubleshooting slow internet

    So, your internet is playing up. You’ve restarted, called your ISP, and still it’s crawling along. What to do?

  • Domains, DNS, and Hosting

    Domains, DNS, and Hosting

    Don’t know your domains from your DNS or your hosting? Our simple explanation clears things up.

  • Shared Exchange calendars

    Shared Exchange calendars

    Creating a shared Exchange calendar which is visible on Macs is tricky, and needs your IT department’s help.

  • Play WMV files on your Mac

    Play WMV files on your Mac

    WMV (Windows Media Video) files are everywhere, but they won’t play natively on your Mac. Here’s how to play them.

  • 3CX cheat sheet

    3CX cheat sheet

    3CX is a powerful, flexible PBX with some daunting features. Fear not – a cheat sheet is here.